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NJ #1 Credit Repair for the Best results in Credit Rehabilitation. Helping Families daily in all 50 states have access greater opportunities.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Educate, Shape, and enrich all clients on the value of having positive credit and all the great benefit thats attached

We guarantee honesty and dependability, which most seem to have forgotten. Credit repair firms cannot do anything that you couldn't do yourself, but we can help you to achieve results in a fraction of the time without making costly errors.

We partnered with all three credit bureaus

Unlike other companies we stick a Transparent formula. During the credit repair process you will receive the dispute investigation report directly from the Credit Agencies to you residence 

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We can sum up our Goal with one word and that's RESULTS. We have worked with many clients over the years and it all boils down to the major question CAN YOU GET ME RESULTS? Our answer is yes. No matter where you live or background, when hard times hit or a unforeseen financial loss arrives. Transparent Credit Repair will be there for you to assist get you back on track.

What items do we work on?


The average difference in scores between the highest and lowest of your credit scores, from the three bureaus, is 60 points. This is the result of the credit bureaus having different items on their report, which may be correct, incorrect or are not reported in full compliance with credit law. According to a recent study, nearly 80% of all credit reports have serious errors on them and this does not even include the even smaller errors for which we look.




Michael Bradley

Owner, Credit Specialist & CREDIT HERO

Michael  Bradley is a people specialist, with years of successful experience in assisting families to reach their goals. He accomplishes this by sharing his own personal trial and error methods that he’s encountered through the years.

Mr. Bradley realized long ago, that although most people have dreams of having financial stability, owning a business, purchasing a home, buying a brand new car, etc., they are completely unaware, misguided or don't believe that these things are obtainable or how to even go about obtaining them. This is where Mr. Bradley steps in and lay out his lesson plan. He doesn’t only swoop in and save the day. He teaches and provides you with the knowledge and tools for how to keep yourself from needing to be saved in the future.

Mr. Bradley puts 150% of his efforts into every client. He works tirelessly to get the results that his clients have come to expect from him. Morning , noon and night Mr. Bradley is up figuring out new and inventive ways to better assist his clients; be it with his own personal business savvy or with the assistance of other colleagues. He will not allow challenge to defeat him or his clients growth.


We service clients in all 50 states and we love building new Relationships.


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